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Profile Pictures is a Copenhagen-based production company founded in October 2011 by producers Thor Sigurjonsson, Jacob Jarek and Ditte Milsted, and joined by producer and partner Caroline Schlüter Bingestam in 2014. Our office is situated downtown in Copenhagen.

Profile Pictures’ goal is to produce projects that can rock the boat, either in terms of genre or storytelling, while still keeping a firm eye on the audience on a national as well as international level. We not only look to work with filmmakers from Denmark, but also with international talent.

Profile Pictures is a small and flexible unit. Combined we have the experience in producing fiction and documentaries as well as animation, on a national as well as international level.

We are currently in development and / or production on features with directors as Rasmus Heisterberg, Jannik Johansen, Jonas Alexander Arnby, Fenar Ahmad, Johan Stahl, Ali Abassi & Jens Dahl.

We are constantly on the outlook for new great projects to develop, produce or co-produce, regardless of genre or format.

Meet Our Team

Caroline Schlüter Bingestam

Producer & partner

M: (45) 22 67 60 37

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Ditte Milsted

Producer, partner & managing director

M: (+45) 28 73 26 80

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Thor Sigurjonsson

Executive producer & partner

M: (+45) 26 45 59 63

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Profile Pictures ApS
Krystalgade 7, 1.

1172 Copenhagen K


M: (+45) 28732680

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