Feature film, drama/comedy, co-production. Norwegian Premiere January 2019.

If you ask Frida, it was her choice to become the class outsider. At any rate, the other kids at school agree – Frida is totally different. Marius is in the same grade as Frida and does pretty much everything he can to be a success. When the two are paired up as study buddies, Marius sees it as yet another opportunity to show everyone what a great guy he is. But Frida has no intention of being helped or “fixed” by the class golden boy. Their study sessions become the catalyst for a turbulent relationship. Yet in his fights with Frida, Marius also experiences something exciting, challenging – and completely new. Psychobitch is a film about the pressure to succeed and impossible love in the world of“Generation Perfect.”

From the director Martin Lund of “The Almost Man” (2012) and the successful TV-series “Match” (2018) and “The Games” (2012).

Director & scriptwriter: Martin Lund
Producer: Ruben Thorkildsen and Isak Eymundsson
Co-producer: Ditte Milsted