A tunnel will be built to connect Denmark and Germany, the present sets in motion towards the future, change hangs in the air. Dara, an ethnologist, arrives to document the houses tagged for demolition. The young Pole, Lucek, and his colleagues prepare the future construction site. Käthe works on the ferry, steadily moving people, their stories, and goods to and fro. Birte and Leif leave their house that has been passed down for generations. Agnes’ life resounds in her diaries, collectibles and the walls of her home, which will soon be demolished. A Danish summer: long days turn into blue nights. People meet and part ways again.


World premiered at the Locarno Film Festival 2019.

Director & writer: Anna Sofie Hartmann
Producers: Jonas Bornbach, Maren Ade, Janine Jackowski, Komplizen Film, Germany
Co-producers: Ditte Milsted, Jacob Jarek & Caroline Schlüter Bingestam